We are a UK based consultancy that is part of TransInvest Group of Companies providing custom based solution for waste water, municipal and industrial waste treatment and alternative energy generation from waste and renewable sources in metropolitan area. Our vision was to create a company that evolves on the cutting edge of environmental technology. Strategic partnerships were developed with a broad range of advanced technology providers that allowed us to apply energy efficient and environmentally friendly technological solution to big city problems.

Over the number of years we have been working with clients in Russia and CIS, Africa, Europe and Middle East in waste treatment sector.  All face critical sustainability challenges and our clients in these and many other areas rely on our ability to assist them operate more sustainably and energy efficient which has a positive impact on our planet.

We were involved in promoting continuous basalt fiber manufacturing technology outside of Russia for the last 6 years. The technology is based on huge state investment during Soviet times. The technology has multiple uses with technical performance qualities superior to glass fibre  but at similar cost. Performance matches carbon fibre. The environment impact is less compare to glass of carbon fiber manufacturing.

Sustainability has been central to our operations and client offerings for many years. As part of the company’s strategy, we are placing even greater emphasis on sustainability to ensure it is embedded in every part of our business, from the decisions taken by us through to how we manage our global operations and deliver client services.

For us, sustainability is a commitment to support socio-economic development that meets the requirements of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our Social Responsibility Program will not only help us protect our planet, its resources and communities, but also help our clients create business value through meeting the challenges of operating more sustainably.

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